Wall-mounted wastebin with cover 30l black

Material: Stainless steel 430 powder coated
Colour: Black
Shape: Cone
Capacity: 30l
Open/Close: TIP open
Angle of inclination of the cover to the wall: 75°
Angle of inclination of the front of the bin to the ground: 85°
Dimensions: Height: 625 mm, width 307 mm, depth 214 mm
Weight (1 piece): 5 kg
Individual packaging weight: 5,75 kg
Quantity in package: 4 pcs
Multipackaging weight: 23 kg
Multipackaging dimensions: Height 770 mm, width 540 mm, length 780 mm
Multipackaging volume: 0,324 m³
Warranty: 2 years "door-to-door"