Universal elbow-operated soap and disinfectant dispensing lever

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  • Code: SA01C
  • Manufacturer: Faneco
  • Manufacturer's code: 5901764290612

A set includes:

- Bottle adapters
- Fitting dowels and screws
- Lever adjustment key

Technical data:

Material: Aluminum
Color: Steel/natural
Made for 0,5 l and 1 l bottles
Activation: Elbow-operated lever
Refill: From a canister or via bottle replacement
Lever dimensions: Height 80 mm, width 110 mm, depth 190 mm
Lever weight: 0,290 kg
Single packaging weight: 0,40 kg
Warranty: 2 years "door-to-door"

The universal elbow-operated lever may be used for dispensing both the soap and the disinfectant liquid. It is made of strong and light weight aluminum. Owing to its rather small size, it may be fitted in almost every kind of room. The set includes adapters making the lever suitable for use with the majority of commercially available bottled liquid and foam soaps and disinfectants. The PZH certificate is an added advantage.