Hotel hair dryer 1200 W HOTELLO Valera White

Material (casing): Plastic ABS
Colour: White
Power: 1200 W
Launch: Automatic switching on when removing the handgrip from holder
Cable length: Up to 120 cm
Voltage: 220 - 240 V
Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz
Connection to the electrical mains: Direct connection (hardwire) or connection with plug (softwire)
Mounting: Wall-mounted, screw, without opening the casing
Dimensions: Height 238 mm (height with hose 550 mm), width 147 mm, depth 112 mm
Weight (1 piece): 1,5 kg
Individual packaging weight: 1,7725 kg
Quantity in package: 4 pcs.
Multipackaging weight: 7,09 kg
Multipackaging volume: 0,0485 m³
Certificate: CE
Waterproof: IP34
Protections: 8 mins automatic shut-off safety timer
Warranty: 2 years "door-to-door"

The dryer is dedicated to hotel rooms and toilets in common areas with low traffic.
We do not recommend using this model in swimming pools, gyms and SPAs.

The hotel dryer kit includes a mounting kit: dowels and mounting screws.