Folding bar with column for disabled people 700 mm SN M

Material: 316 AISI stainless steel
Finish: Satin
Additional element: Toilet paper holder
Bar shape: Arched
Bar length: 700 mm
Bar height: 800 mm
Overall dimensions (unfolded): Height 800 mm, length 700 mm, depth 120 mm
Pipe diameter: Ø 32
Steel thickness: 1,5 mm (pipe), 2 mm (column), 5 mm (support)
Column profile: Rectangular (80 x 80 mm)
Steel elements connection type: Welding (TIG)
Folding: Up
Protection: Incorporated progressive breaking system
Maximum strength: 120 kg
Mounting: 6 screws to wall
Diameter (holes for fixing screws): Ø 8,5
Screws: 6 stainless steel screws with hexagonal head (8 mm x 90 mm)
Dowels: 6 nylon pins (10 mm x 80 mm)
Individual packaging dimensions: Height 870 mm, width 270 mm, depth 140 mm
Weight (1 piece): 5,3 kg
Individual packaging weight: 5,5 kg
Warranty: 2 years "door-to-door"