Folding baby changing station vertical

  • Code: VBCTV
  • Manufacturer: Faneco
  • Manufacturer's code: 5901764290513
  • Availability: Goods in a permanent offer

Material: Polyethylene  
Colour: White
Safety: Adjustable safety belt
Mounting: To the wall, 4 screws
Position: Vertical
Folding: To wall
Maximum strength: 50 kg
Standards: EN1729-2 (2006), EN15372 (2008)
Dimensions (open): Height 640 mm, length 560 mm, depth 903 mm
Dimensions (closed): Height 899 mm, length 560 mm, depth 117 mm
Weight (1 piece): 8 kg
Individual packaging weight: 9,2 kg
Additional features: Integral moulded towel dispensers, carrying handle, telescopic opening
Warranty: 2 years "door-to-door"