Soap and disinfection dispensers

Soap dispensers by Faneco: 

Are you looking for a functional device that can be easily and quickly installed in a public toilet? Faneco soap and disinfection dispensers are the best choice! Equipping shared toilets with an easily accessible soap dispenser and a hand sanitizer is essential! Regularly cleaning your hands of potential bacteria and microbes protects your health, but also guarantees the safety of everyone using the same bathroom. The soap and disinfection dispensers produced by us are easy to use. Their universal design makes the devices fit with the decoration of any public toilet. Thanks to their design, our soap dispensers are easy, intuitive to install, and their use is pure pleasure. Automatic soap and disinfectant dispensers made by Faneco, thanks to the photocell, allow for hands-free dispensing of the liquid. This product allows you to measure the fluid comfortably and economically. Contactless hand disinfection dispensers are perfect for doctor's offices, dental clinics, beauty salons and any public toilet with heavy traffic.

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