NEW: Consumables

Is hygiene in public areas important to you? After all, we always feel better in a clean, well-kept room. Hygiene not only provides users with psychological comfort, but also has a significant impact on the health of every human being. The better you take care of your hygiene, the less risk there is for bacteria and viruses to grow. That is why a well-chosen consumable is such an important equipment in public toilets and home bathrooms. High-quality, durable Faneco Premium toilet paper or absorbent and long-lasting ZZ Faneco Premium paper towel are the basis for toilets in a common space. We not only produce consumables for companies or for Horeca industry. We provide you with cleanliness and safety, regardless of the conditions. Faneco hygienic solutions are universal, so they fit to most disposable towel dispensers and roll paper containers available on the European market.

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